Microsoft.Photosynth.JsInterop.Camera class

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The Camera class provides access to the current state of the camera in the 3D view, as well as the ability to control the camera. NOTE: You cannot instantiate an instance of this class, instead you access the camera object through the Camera property on the Microsoft.Photosynth.JsInterop.Viewport class.


Signature Description


Name Type Description
fieldOfView Number Get / set the field of view of the camera. This value is in degrees.
lookDirection Microsoft.Photosynth.Math.Vector3D Get current look direction of the camera in the 3D scene.
position Microsoft.Photosynth.Math.Vector3D Get / set the current position of the camera in the 3D scene. The position is in world coordinates.
rotation Microsoft.Photosynth.Math.Quaternion Get / set the current rotation of the camers in the 3D scene.
sideDirection Microsoft.Photosynth.Math.Vector3D Get the side direction vector of the camera.
upDirection Microsoft.Photosynth.Math.Vector3D Get the current up direction of the camera.


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