Microsoft.Photosynth.JsInterop.Viewport class

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The Viewport class provides access to various properties in the 3D scene.  NOTE: You cannot instantiate an instance of this class, instead you can access the Viewport class through the viewport3D property in the Microsoft.Photosynth.Viewer class.


Signature Description


Name Type Description
aspectRatio Number The aspect ratio of the viewport
camera Microsoft.Photosynth.JsInterop.Camera Get the camera that is used to visualize the 3D scene.
enableRenderingEvent Boolean If set to true the rendering event will be fired. This is defaulted to false.
height Number The height of the 3D viewport in pixels.
width Number The width of the 3D viewport in pixels.


Name and Signature Return Type Description


Name Description
rendering(viewport) Raised before the viewport renders its content. The viewport parameter is the Microsoft.Photosynth.JsInterop.Viewport instance that raised the event. NOTE: This will only be raised if the enableRenderingEvent property is set to true, by default that value is set to false.