Microsoft.Photosynth.Viewer.LoadParameters class

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A class that contains properties that affect how the viewer will load a collection when the load method is called on a Microsoft.Photosynth.Viewer instance.


Signature Description
LoadParameters(collectionId, holdingImageUrl, delayLoad, autoPlay) Creates a LoadParameters instance.
collectionId - a string representing the unique id of the collection to open.
holdingImageUrl - a URL to an image to show if the required Silverlight runtime is not installed and in the delay loading state.
delayLoad - a boolean, if true the viewer will show the holdingImage when load is called, the user has to click on the viewer before it will load the full viewer functionality. You can set this to true if you are putting many viewer instances on a single page, so the viewers will not consume resources until the user starts to interacts with the viewer.
autoPlay - a boolean, if true when the viewer loads it will automatically start the slideshow mode.


Name Type Description
collectionId String A unique id that identifies the collection to open in the viewer
holdingImageUrl String A URL for an image to display in the delay loading screen or on the install page if the user does not have the required version of Silverlight installed
delayLoad Boolean A bool indicating if the viewer should display a delay loading screen which requires the user to click on the delay loading screen befor ethe viewer fully loads. This can be used to save resources until a user actually interacts with the viewer.
autoPlay Boolean If true the viewer will automatically start the slideshow mode once it loads.


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