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Topic: Zoom depth

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NateLawrence (8 months ago)

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that Photosynth 2 allows you to zoom to 100% size, whereas Photosynth 1 lets you magnify the image by... maybe four?

If someone has the exact numbers I'd be interested to hear them and also hear the reason why you've decided to not allow Photosynth to oversample images when zooming in.
Guess there is no Deep Zoom anymore.
hefeweiss (8 months ago)
You may want to try creating the second one with the Microsoft ICE tool and using the "Publish To Web" option to get a better comparison. It creates panoramas that are more similar to the behavior of the preview.
PhotosynthTeam (8 months ago)
Nate is correct, but it's s matter of taste.
We get grief from some people that we don't allow "over-zooming" as the original Photosynth did, and from others who don't want any noise pixels visible, so they'd like us to limit zooming to less than full resolution. For now I think we'll stay with 100% for a while.
NateLawrence (8 months ago)
I'm actually fine with that, myself.

If Photosynth authors want to allow our audience to zoom in further on an image, we can always use an image editor to enlarge the photos before upload with better upsampling algorithms than a viewer is likely to perform in realtime anyway.

I always took Deep Zoom to simply be referencing the high resolution of the images able to be navigated (in other words, the higher the resolution, the 'deeper' the image is or can be zoomed into before you hit 1:1 pixel ratio), not how far past 1 pixel of image filling 1 pixel of screen you could take things.
It was an observation. Thanks for the explanations. I am fine with the 100% too.
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