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DontPanic (6 months ago)
I have to hit the down arrow sometimes 20+ times trying to get to forums or other menu options. I'm on a w8pro Acer tablet.
mwiththeat (6 months ago)
What browser are you using? 

I am on a Surface Pro with Chrome Dev channel and have no issues.
PhotosynthTeam (6 months ago)
Looking forward to hearing Don'tPanic's config, since we haven't seen this bug ourselves yet.
DontPanic (6 months ago)
Ie11 desktop - I've had this issue on the sky drive website too(spell check wont let me do sky drive) on windows 8 pro.
DontPanic (6 months ago)
Here you go - steps recorder with failures!122671 on my sky drive.
PhotosynthTeam (6 months ago)
Thanks DontPanic. We'll look into it.
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