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Topic: My Parallax Panorama doesn't connect the full 360 degrees

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NateLawrence (8 months ago)
I think we've all seen this happen in Photosynth 1 where a series of photos panning 360 degrees fails to close the loop.

I've even seen it in ICE, for that matter.

This morning was the first time that I had seen in in Photosynth 2, though.

Note that you get stuck at the mouth of my driveway, no matter which way you're turning.

What should I have done differently to avoid this?
NateLawrence (8 months ago)
Just for comparison, here are the same photos: 
As a Photosynth 1 synth: 
Direct3D: (If using IE11, make sure you use desktop IE + use F12 to switch user agent to IE10.)

As a stitched ICE pano:
PhotosynthTeam (8 months ago)
Thanks for pointing this out.

The main issue appears to be that we don't have your camera model in our database and therefore were unable to produce a normalized focal length prior. This led to some reconstruction errors in the area with less parallax.

We'll add the missing entry to our database. As a workaround for now, try filling in the 35mm field with 28mm (calculated as [14mm unnormalized focal length]/[17.3mm ccd width]*35mm). You can do this in Windows as follows: select all images, right click, open properties, click the details tab, edit the "35mm focal length" field, and press OK.
NateLawrence (8 months ago)
Thanks! Copy that.

I'm also familiar with using the properties pane in Windows Explorer/File Explorer in Vista / 7 / 8 to edit the metadata which others may find handy.
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