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Topic: Interactive Playback in Facebook

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mwiththeat (7 months ago)

I just shared my first Photosynth 2 with a small group of friends on Facebook. However, I noticed that its not a interactive synth, its just a video - as I cannot control the speed this does not give the impact I wanted.

Also, there is seemingly no way to pull people into the actual site from your video player.


PhotosynthTeam (7 months ago)
Yes -- this is  because Facebook doesn't allow iframes. While they do support flash viewers we weren't prepared the right an entire viewer for the new Photosynth in flash as well as HTML as well as native (for apps to come).
NateLawrence (7 months ago)
@Matt, I would point out that the synth's title and author remain a link to the interactive synth both before and after clicking on the thumbnail to load the flash video player.

@Photosynth team, I vividly remember the MySynths facebook app (that SpeakTech put together in 2009 as an experimental Azure web app) and I'm sure you do as well. 

I also remember that you've used iframes for your embed code since the day you launched Photosynth as a public web service.
So... I suppose Facebook must have changed their policies so that iframes are no longer permissible to use for developers of facebook apps?

Couldn't you just put whatever code you'd usually include in the iframe/embed page into Facebook directly?
Or in other words, "What is the virtue of the iframe from a web development point of view?"

Has anyone from the team contacted Facebook's dev division and asked them to help developers such as you?
PhotosynthTeam (7 months ago)
Sorry -- when I said FB doesn't allow iframes, I meant they don't allow iframes in the most important place -- the news feed. Sure you can do it in an FB app, but we didn't see the point in investing in such an app, since that would be one click away from the news feed, and you might as well take people to the Photosynth view page with that click.  And yes, we've contacted them. Let's hope they change their policy soon or develop a whitelist on known "safe" domains from which they'll allow embedded JavaScript. So far, no dice.
NateLawrence (7 months ago)
Fair enough.

I did get more comments on some of my synths on Facebook when using MySynths from people who knew the places in the synth than I've ever gotten on - presumably because people didn't have Microsoft accounts to comment here or declined to use it to comment on my synths on or simply couldn't remember their password.

I guess for this discussion I'll just say that I think there's high value in interactive synths embedded in Facebook (ideally, yes, in the news feed, but even if not). Then again, I don't think you disagree.

I would hesitantly suggest a comment system here that accepts multiple authentication methods, but that is a completely different discussion.
The comment system Nate refers to, from another perspective, a full blown photo(synth) sharing and story telling site, which should have good comment threading of course. For the discussion refer
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