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Topic: Suggestion: Editing Synth Metadata While Waiting for the Upload to Finish

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NateLawrence (8 months ago)
One of the things that I have wished for while waiting for my synths to upload is that I could continue editing the metadata for them while I was waiting for the photos to finish uploading.

For example, one of my synths had a typo in the date and for several hours while I waited for the upload to finish I kept wanting to edit that and kept wondering if I would remember to fix it once the upload had finished.

Since the collection ID is generated at the beginning of the synth, this seems totally possible, since nothing in the title or description (or geotag, once that becomes an option on the Preview) will change the synth's URL, etc.

This is a pretty useful and common feature for sites that host large files that take some time to upload. YouTube is a perfect example.
I support this suggestion.
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