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Topic: A Photosynth 1 walk-pano censtellation dismantled to Photosynth 2

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You had a request about me having walks to connect the panos here
I had not, but...

Last week I happened to come across an even older Photosynth experiment of mine, of the time I had no Photosynth inspired camera with GPS yet.

The intention was to shoot a look around walk of the small lane as an impression to the environment of the house for sale. After creating the synth, I have deleted it almost immediately again, as manually navigating it was a no go to me. Only now, having recreated it as an example, I realise that the best way to view such a synth is by slide show mode, while its creator has set the option for filename order, which represents shooting order.
I have used the past four days to dismantle the Photosynth 1 in separated panos and walks, adding geo co-ordinates and creating Photosynths 2 as good as I could. 

With the insight I have got today, I would have shot 360 panos.

Following are the links to the Photosynth 2 spin, walks and panos in walking order.
And an integrated walk north to south, including the pano pics in the path
The question arises if Walks should be required, depending on distance or not, to connect other Photosynth types in the same environment. I think not. 

I think the requirement should be that there is a real life walking connection.
NateLawrence (5 months ago)
=) That last comment... I agree with the first part, but not the second, I think.

That is to say that if multiple synths are very near to each other I don't think that it should be strictly necessary to shoot a walk between them to link them and navigate between them.

On the other hand, I don't so much care if I'm able to walk between two synths in real life - all I care about is if I can see the same thing in both or the system knows that they are right next to each other in real life, even if there's a tall wall between them.
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