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Topic: Highlights in the Synth

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I miss this feature and feel it should be re-introduced. For instance, a Highlight could be indicated by a circle in the view. Touching the circle would enlarge the circle with a zoomed-in Highlight, while the rest of the Synth does not zoom. Comments to the Highlight are shown in a call-out to the circle.
NateLawrence (7 months ago)
Definitely seconded. I love your idea for circular highlights.

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I have used Highlights to point out, name and comment on real world Points of Interest. I feel this to be a fundamental feature to help the person viewing to explore the real world representation of a Synth.
Meanwhile the notion popped up, that the kind of Highlights I am referring to can be provided by location based POI on Bing Maps, to be included in Synths automatically and that text from Wikipedia may be used to clarify.
So, I have no reason anymore to wait for this feature before resynthing my Synths.
PhotosynthTeam (7 months ago)
Nice design idea Joscelin. Highlights are definitely on our list.
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