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Topic: Photosynth captions on homepage

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as on personal homepage. I would be more inclined to open a Synth if the caption attracts me too.
Nathanael (6 months ago)
You're talking about the synth description, correct?

I think that's a great idea.
I think a Photosynth has a Caption and a Description. Personal home page shows the Caption of the highlighted synth. The preview site's homepage shows none. To have both might be too much.
Caption = Title.
Nathanael (6 months ago)
Oh, I understand now.

You're suggesting that synth titles be shown on the homepage of the preview site as they are shown on a user's profile page (or the site homepage of the main site, for that matter).

The only possible conflict I see is that long titles get a little close to the [ create your own → ] button which might make things feel a little cramped, but I'm sure the designer(s) can fix that.
PhotosynthTeam (6 months ago)
You'll see an overhaul of this "landing" page in our next update. There will be much more info on it.
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