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Topic: Amazing, a few airborne tries.

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GaryMortimer (6 months ago)
I totally see where this is going photosynth team well done!

Some of my new ones will try harder!

Autonomous flight with a QU4D and GoPro

A hand flown flight that did'nt work as well as I thought so will revisit

A trial with some old photos
NateLawrence (6 months ago)
I was really happy to see new synths start showing up on your account, Gary!

It's been a while!

Prior to the 29th, this walk synth of yours was my favorite of your new synths:

That may have to give way to the new QU4D synth, though. ツ
GaryMortimer (6 months ago)
It has been a while Nate, I was so happy to see the new version and now that I have tried it I am blown away. Do you think they might add a lawnmower mode if I asked nicely. I actually had forgotten I chucked that other one in so excited by what I have seen.
NateLawrence (6 months ago)
'Lawnmower mode' Heheh. ツ
It can't possibly hurt to ask, eh?

Gotta' show the aerial synthers some love.
Aerial shots are definitely one of the strengths of the new photosynth.
GaryMortimer (6 months ago)
Bit happier with this one, GoPro misted up though
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