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Topic: Controlling Playback Speeds

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mwiththeat (7 months ago)

I just uploaded my first previewsynth - This is an image set I've had on my PC for a long time and have been waiting for the photosynth technology to become more powerful before I used it.

The playback is quite fast and it would be great if I could set my own speed of the playback. 


NateLawrence (7 months ago)
I would say this earlier discussion of yours is even closer to this one, Joscelin:
CommonSynths (7 months ago)
It would be helpful if we knew what speed it was then for the auto playback if you wanted it to slow during a certain sequence you could just add more photos during that phase of the synch. Manufactured slow-mo ��
@CommonSynths. I would say that your idea will not work so well for the average synther using their smart phone app.
PhotosynthTeam (7 months ago)
At the moment we use 2 different strategies to set autoplay speed (and input-responsiveness, which are tied together).  For spins and panos we work on "angular* speed, so regardless of the number of frames, you should get around in 15 seconds. This works pretty well for spins, but seems to need changing for panos.  

For walks and walls, we experimented with different ideas, but settled on 2 photos per second, so @CommonSynths idea is actually what we do in this case. It's certainly not perfect either.
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