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Topic: right forum for the conversation?

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@Nate, it seems to me that many of the conversations we have here better be on the New Feature Suggestions/Requests forum. What do you think and how can we best move?
NateLawrence (5 months ago)

Up until now, all discussions related to the Preview have been in the Preview's forum or redirected there, even if they technically fall into one of the pre-existing forum categories from Photosynth 1, such as a bug report, suggestion, etc.

That seems to be where the Photosynth team members are responding as well, for whatever that is worth.

I probably should set up a blog or forum somewhere where we could add images and videos or embed synths to illustrate our point in the flow of the discussion, rather than having to link off to everything externally. 

That way, perhaps the discussions here on Photosynth's forums won't derail as badly or get so long that others don't feel like joining in or reading everything that's been written.

My apologies for any time that I've taken your discussions off track. 
I do like to try to explain things, however being concise is something that I have to work hard to achieve.
I also often wish for an 'Edit' button.
Nate, no need for apologies. Many wish for better forum functionality, 'Edit' button included. ;-). It is where different minds meet that learning and innovation happens. 


I worry that the preview forum will have end of lifetime not long after the preview moves on to being the main site. I also feel that many of the ideas we come up with are out of scope for this release. How not to loose them and move them forward?
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