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Topic: Geotagging & Photosynth with Live maps

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kodred (Over 1 year ago)
Hi all!
well first of all, I have to admit that photosynth have some potential, but in far more domains: like construction, geography, military, space etc...
But I`m wondering if there will ever be posible to use geotagged (with a real coordinate system) photos and if, it could be implemented in services, like: Live maps, or google earth...or so on...
Why? simple, is much more easy to take 100 or 200 pictures, for recreating a digital construction, for eg. than to actualy remake the hole building from scatch!
Next I see that for recreating a 3d model, photosynth decompose the hole image in millions of points, but how if it can make the model by keping the image as as a "blok" entity, and interfering with others images for creating , that model only with few common points, like "inflexion points", and in the end the result will be more like an TIN = TRIANGULATED IRREGULAR NETWORK (term from GIS, if any knew what I`m talking about)
cheers !
SoulSolutions (Over 1 year ago)
Go check out the new geo-alignment editor in the online synth edit mode. The potential to seemlessly integrate with Bing Maps in the Silverlight control is very cool.
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