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Topic: Save cubemap?

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Fredrik.i4sense (Over 1 year ago)

I would very much like to get my hands on the cubemap images of a panorama so that I can use it for reflections in a 3D-application.
Either each of the 6 cube sides separately or as a cross image cubemap.
Could you help me with this? This is the panorama i would like to get the cubemap from:

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Fred, 

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a direct answer as I'm not technically savvy enough to use the Photosynth Web Service myself or modify the source code of Henri Astre's Photosynth Tile Downloader, but perhaps you or someone you know will be.

Here's the Photosynth WebService with which you can query the Photosynth database for files contained in any particular collection which you have the GUID for:

Here's Henri Astre's Photosynth Toolkit, which includes Photosynth Tile Downloader:
Now, this tool only downloads the image tiles of the highest resolution of photos from actual synths, rather than from panoramas, but I imagine that the image formatting is quite similar, so it shouldn't take too much for someone to modify his tool to download the cube maps for panos.

I hope that helps you,
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