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Topic: Real Full screen and automatic centering

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Klaus-JesusChrist (Over 1 year ago)
I like Photosync. 
Still there is some important improvement, I suppose easy done:
Could you change for full screen setting to really cover the whole screen? 

A good example how it works fine:

Also without full screen the picture should automatically appear centered in the screen filling up most part of the window. A button for changing to full screen should be in the picture, or reachable without scrolling as in

(Could you program Photosync a way that scrolling is not necessary when exploring a picture?)

With the given example
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Klaus,

Regarding true fullscreen, Photosynth has had it here on the site in the past, when their viewer was being built in Direct3D instead of Silverlight.

Load this older synth viewer in either Firefox 3 for Windows or Internet Explorer:

Another time that the fullscreen icon gives you true fullscreen is with embedded synths. Some examples are: 

The embedded synth/pano on the Photosynth homepage:
Any embedded synth/pano on another site, such as a weblog:
Any synth/pano's embed page here on the site:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
One of the reasons that the Photosynth team may have decided to skip true fullscreen on synth/pano's main view page here on the site is that users of the photosynth site may be familiar with the Photosynth viewer's keyboard controls.

Unfortunately, Silverlight deactivates many keyboard keys when in fullscreen mode for security reasons, so website regulars might not understand why they keyboard shortcuts which they use all the time suddenly stop working in true fullscreen mode, whereas by using only full browser, Silverlight does not deactivate the keys.

There's a similar discussion here about mousewheel support in fullscreen from the Silverlight 2 days:
Thankfully, mousewheel support has been remedied in Silverlight 3 or 4, but other shortcut keys are still lacking in Silverlight's true fullscreen mode.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Regarding needing to use the web browser's scrollbars to see more of a photo or center it... this is simply not the case on my computer.

On any particular photo in a synth or when loaded in any pano, you can use the [Enter] or [Return] key to center the current photo within the visible portion of the Photosynth viewer.

By using your mouse's scrollwheel, you will either zoom toward or away from the place that your mouse cursor is currently pointed. Once you master this, it becomes very easy to slide around an image without needing to even click and drag it around the screen (although that is just as easy once you've zoomed into a photo).
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
In panoramas (rather than photosynths), you will notice that in panoramas with a viewing angle of 180 degrees or more, the [Play] icon will appear and the panorama will automatically pan from side to side or, in the case of 360 degree panos, all the way around the horizon. This is the case for panoramas without any highlights added.

For panoramas which have four or more highlights added, the [Play] icon will loop through the highlights, rather than simply panning over the panorama.

If you would like the scrolling in panoramas to be more like that of, you will notice an icon to the left of the center position marker or to the right of the [Play] icon, if it is enabled. Clicking this icon will change the panning mode from the default of grabbing the pano and dragging it to one of grabbing the virtual camera looking at the pano and dragging it around the pano, as seen at
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
As to the fullscreen icon being visible without needing to use the web browser's scrollbars, I have set my monitor to its lowest supported resolution (640 x 480) and I can still see the fullscreen icon as soon as any synth or pano page is loaded.

I am thinking that you either have an even lower resolution monitor than 640 x 480 or your browser has many toolbars installed, but I can assure you that for most people no scrolling is required to see the fullscreen icon in the Photosynth viewer.

Also, the center of the pano is always centered in the viewer upon loading, as is the center of the default photo centered in the viewer when loading a synth. Are you saying that you have ever experienced otherwise, and if so, could you provide an example?

On your own synths, you can use the synth editor (click the [ Edit this Photosynth ] button under the viewer to change which photo the synth will load on. As for panos, you can choose their center with ICE before uploading.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
For a list of most of the keyboard shortcuts that I mentioned above, consult the last page or two of the Photosynth Photography Guide, available here in several different languages:
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