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Topic: Center Top & Bottom STAMP

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I use a tripod and I have custom designed the iPhone mount so that I get the ceiling or top of the photo in whole, but the bottom of the photos always show my 3 tripod legs. I know that my shoots become public domain, and I have no problem with that, but I would love to be able to put my chosen info and even my logo to the bottom of the page and/or top of the page where the ground/floor or ceiling/sky may not be visible. I deal with a lot of property and I my shoots are very high quality, I would love for other realtors, property managers or anyone else who would like to use this type of service to have the ability to get ahold of my easily. Everything else seems to  be great for now. I have some other ideas, but I think I can work those into my own website.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, LargeDrPepper,

I'm just your peer - not anyone from Microsoft.

1) I like your suggestion to make it easier for the normal person to add a stamp or badge to their panorama within the Photosynth app.

2) Regarding the license for your photography, offers Copyright All Rights Reserved through many flavors of Creative Commons to Public Domain, but which one you select is your choice.

3) The current Photosynth mobile panorama app is interesting for its shooting mode but the resolution is terrible, compared to taking full resolution input shots and stitching the panorama on Windows with Microsoft ICE ( ) or Photoshop ( ) and then uploading to your account via Photosynth's desktop app ( ).

Using Photoshop, is currently the only way to add a badge to your panos + gives you the opportunity for full resolution as well.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Here's a couple of example panos:

Ian Howe (the author of the second pano) sketched out his workflow in a previous discussion on this topic:

Of note, on the topic of resolution, is the possibility suggested by David Gedye (Photosynth Group Manager) of taking full res photos in the mobile app in the future and sending them to be stitched into a panorama on the servers.

If Photosynth does end up doing that, I think that the ability to add a badge to the pano (whether in the initial authoring process or at any point after initial upload) in either the mobile app or the synth and pano editor on the website would be very welcome to put the finishing touches on a pano.
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