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Topic: Downloading my photosynth

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mohammad233b (Over 1 year ago)
I want to download and save my photosynthes in CD or DVD for my family. Is it possible?

rapik (9 months ago)
Nathanael (7 months ago)
There's no real offline Photosynth viewer at the moment, but you can use Henri Astre's Photosynth toolkit to download the photos, point cloud, + camera positions for any synth.

If you're asking about your panoramas instead of photosynths, then there's no way to download a panorama from at the moment, but that's possible as well if you can find a programmer to modify Henri's synth downloader. They would also need to write the software to re-project the cube map format of the panorama into a flattened format if you wanted to view them as a normal photo.

However, every source of panoramas uploaded to including: 
Microsoft ICE:
Adobe Photoshop:
Windows 8.1
Mobile apps: +
Theta 360:
all generate a flattened panorama that you can save on disc or SkyDrive.
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