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Topic: Collaboration: How to?

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sirpatrick (Over 1 year ago)
Does anyone know how we can work off synths together.  Is there an option to have people add to one of my synths, or have me add to theirs?    I know this depends on what you check for copyrights, but I am curious on exploring this. 

Thoughts, suggestions, or tips.  

sirpatrick (Over 1 year ago)
My vague discription could either allude to adding pictures, or merging synths completely.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Well there are two issues here: 

1) The current version of the synther that we use doesn't really feature 'resuming' the image feature matching or scene reconstruction. That is to say, if it's interrupted by anything, you have to start all over again. The closest thing to adding new photos to a synth you've made before (for the time being) is to have all of the photos still on your hard drive and to make a new synth with the new and the old both in it.

What this means for combining synths (if you really do it right this means comparing all photos involved to all the other photos and that will definitely change the positions of some, if not all, of them) is that a computer somewhere needs to analyse all those photos. Will it be the servers? Will it be our computers? How do our computers get other people's photos to match to ours?

2) The typical legal licensing mumbo jumbo still needs be worked out including editing a synth's license after uploading.
lightning_sky (Over 1 year ago)
So basically if I have ommited a few photos from a synth I have to redo it? That's annoying and if synth wasn't such a revolutionary and AWESOME idea I would drop it. Hats of to who ever thought of this and all the guys who implemented it, I can only say that we eegerly await your next masterpiece and ofcourse the next version of photosynth.

PS Can't you just write the code and forget the legal mambo jumbo? Well it would be a nicer world if we could anyway...
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
Here's another collaborative idea I've wanted to do:  Since synths have to be built from a fixed set of images (no adding after the fact), seems like a good way to do a collaboration would be to get multiple photographers at a location at one time, and have them all go at it.

I've done a couple of projects where the time involved was a little excessive, and didn't really leave time for me to go poking and prowling and focusing on fine details that would be cool to run across when viewing the synth.  This is where a collaborative effort with multiple photographers would really shine.  Each will find their own details to focus on, so you would get plenty of opportunity to "see" what a particular photographer finds interesting.

tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
For my part I really like to do aerial synths using a camera lofted by a kite.  A good recent example of this is a synth I did of Kiholo Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  But there are TONS of cool details there that never made it into the synth.  It's a place where Pacific green sea turtles pull themselves up on the beach to sun.  But I didn't have any detail pictures of the sea turtles, or honu.  There's also a turtle monitoring station that would be really cool to synth.  But no detail shots of that, either.  There's also a lot of outstanding lava rock in the area, including what looks like a cave.  Nope, no ground details.  Why?  NO TIME.  The aerial component took several hours.  It would've been awesome to have had at least two people on the ground while I had my camera in the air.

I know this has been done.  The Obama Inauguration synth is probably the best example of a collaboration of this kind.  But can we do others?  I'd be game!

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I'm with you, Tom. A tangent to multiple people being on location at the same time is to simply agree on a location and then email your photos to each other or to the participant with the most capable computer.

I'm fairly sure Bitplane has done this in the past. Something that might come out of photo sets taken at different times is the point cloud being more obviously high dynamic range. Currently it must be to some extent, due to the light captured from various angles resulting in differently colored pixels, even though the human eye could still pick out the same red brick as the same color red in two differently exposed shots. We've all seen shadows appear in the pointclouds before and it is interesting in some ways but far more interesting to me would be the same scene shot for Photosynth several times throughout the day so that the pointcloud would come close to the true color of the objects, rather than how they appear at one particular time of day.
People collaborating on a synth is a *great* idea, if each of them understands Photosynth (i.e. they've made a few decent ones).  Jonathan and I collaborated (kind of) on this synth: He shot the square, and I shot the approach from the Vaporetto and the Doges' palace. I visited more tha na year after him, and knew what he had covered and could make sure that I overlapped with it.

I know that this "throw all the photos together and synth them again" isn't the ideal way to do it. We've been working on and off on "synth linking" for a while now, and sooner or later will be coming out with something excellent in this area we hope!
nutsinmay (Over 1 year ago)
interesting ideas, i'm planning to try using Photosynth for an activity with multiple groups of people gathering photos of chosen spaces and then creating a number of collaborative synths. 

I think i need to work out how many synths, using how many photos, we could reasonably attempt to do simultaneously without there being time issues 

I think it could work really well
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
I've got a collaborative synth in the works here, too.  It depends a lot on the weather and how many people I can get interested, but it looks like it may come off.  It'd be late October or early November before I'd be able to upload anything.  Time will tell!

I hope yours works for you, nutsinmay.  It'd be seriously encouraging to see that kind of approach work.

nutsinmay (Over 1 year ago)
thanks Tom, i'm such a synth novice though, i'll be winging it i think :)
Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
keep us up to date with your results... depending on how they turn out we'd definitely consider featuring some on the homepage. 
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