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Topic: Group synths

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Congratulations on a fantastic product! I'm going to start coordinating 'group synths' so that we can get kids engaging with each other, technology and environments as part of a wider educational scheme. Anybody with similar experiences?

This is probably the wrong place to say this, but I'm a creative, and pretty much entirely Mac-based. Obviously, at the moment Parallels and BootCamp are the best options for me, but are there plans to expand the Photosynth software across other platforms?

Shail (Over 1 year ago)
nice idea..
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Hello Ollie,

I think getting kids involved is great, both from a sharing technology with them standpoint... and also because kids tend to have pretty interesting perspectives of things.

As for supporting other platforms... our viewer support cros platform, but making a synther that works on your mac is a bit trickier for our small team.  We're focusing right now on making sure we improve the one synther we have now.  Perhaps in the near future we can find a way to bring this solid and more perfected synther to our friends on other platforms.

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