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Topic: Unable to Rotate around object

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SlantedJ (Over 1 year ago)

This is my first synth so I apologize if this is noob questions/issue.

I recently went to a car show specifically to make a synth.  I took about 300 pictures of this car from as man different angles as I could.  

When I view the synth, I am having a hard time rotating around the car.  It seems to get stuck on the passenger side and engine bay of the car.  

Is there something I did wrong when creating the synth? Perhaps I should of taken more care when taking the pictures?  Could the similar decals on both the passenger and driver side confuse the software?


Jonathan (Over 1 year ago)
J - 
you figured it out yourself - it's the logos on the doors. I can easily photos and see where they matched to the decals. That alone will make this subject very tricky.
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
You could try resynthing after removing all the photos of one of the doors.  That would probably make it hold together much better.
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