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Topic: Deleting

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Pearmtn (10 months ago)
I have been looking for a delete command on my IPhone application but so far "not found". Where is it?

Nathanael (10 months ago)

I'm only your fellow user but maybe I can help you. 

I don't have an iOS device, but on the Windows Phone version of the app, when you're looking at your library of panoramas in the mobile app you can do a long tap/tap and hold on one of the thumbnails and you should see an option to delete.

Think of it in the same terms as right clicking a file on a desktop or laptop operating system.
RobOnMV (10 months ago)
I jumped on here to find out the same thing. I'm on an iPhone. sing your tip I tried, didn't work, but swiped from left to right across the image thumbnail and got the "delete" icon just beside the image. Works perfectly. Thanks for the lead.
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