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Topic: Share URL option gone

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Delta767 (11 months ago)
A few weeks ago my "share url" option vanished.  When I hit the "share" button 6 options appear...facebook, twitter, bing maps,, email and camera roll.  What happened to "Share URL"?  I have deleted the app and reinstalled it a few times and it hasn't fixed the problem.  Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks!!    Delta767
NateLawrence (11 months ago)
Hey there, Delta767,

You would only have a URL for a pano to share if you'd already uploaded it to or Bing Maps.

Are you sure you're trying to share your pano from the section of your app's library of uploaded panos instead of locally stored ones on your phone which haven't been uploaded yet?

If you view any pano (that's already been uploaded to your account) from your app's library and share to Facebook, Twitter, or Email, you'll see your pano's URL there to copy + paste as you please.

Alternately, you can just bookmark in your web browser and copy the view link to any of your panos.
Delta767 (11 months ago)
Thanks for the reply Nate.  I realize that you only get the URL option once you upload the pano to bing/photosynth.  Once I upload my panos I don't get the URL link to appear.  I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times but I still have the same bug.  No share URL on my uploaded panos.  Anyone have any ideas or are also having this issue?  

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