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Topic: Can't I stitch the photo's by my self?

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ice6 (Over 1 year ago)
After I click the "Create a synth" button at "" page.The upload window popup,then I have to upload photos,not photo!Actually,I have alread stitch my photo perfectly,but I have to upload the orignal photos(at least 3),but saddly,the synthed photo is not correct...
I have that I can upload my own photo,even I have to convert my four photos to six photos....
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Greetings, "Bill"!

If you are wanting to upload a single stitched together image, you can use Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor to upload the stitched image to Photosynth. 

It is available for download here:

Traditional image stitchers require you to to have taken all images from one perspective. What Photosynth does best is to stitch images of the same thing that are all taken from different points of view.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Consider synths such as these (don't forget to look at point cloud view):

These are examples of what Photosynth does that normal image stitchers do not, but it is critical that you photograph the same objects from different points of view that do not differ by more than 25 degrees as you move around them and take small enough steps when walking away or toward objects or in between different objects. You need to photograph in a way that demonstrates to the computer how one object relates to the others.
Zuper (2 months ago)
Hello, i downloaded ICE but there isn't an option to simply upload an already-stiched image.. File->New Panorama, File->New structured panorama, File->Open all requires more than 1 photo. Where is the option to simply upload an already stiched image?
NateLawrence (2 months ago)
Hello, Zuper,

This discussion is quite ancient. Back when using ICE was the only way to upload a panorama to (2010 March 18 - 2010 November 25) people would have used a trick such as cropping your perfect panorama into overlapping halves or quarters and then dragging those into ICE to stitch.

Since November of 2010 that is no longer necessary as there is a panorama publishing plugin for Photoshop for Windows (available here: from the ICE and HD View team in Microsoft Research's Interactive Visual Media lab) which will format the panorama correctly for upload (based on how wide an angle you tell it the panorama covers) and send the files to the Photosynth desktop application to upload as a pano instead of a synth.
NateLawrence (2 months ago)
The only thing which you should take away from my answer above is that photosynths and panoramas are totally different mediums. hosts both photosynths and panoramas, but you do not shoot or calculate them in the same way.

In other words, photos taken to create a panorama, uploaded to make a synth do not make a good synth or a good panorama.
Likewise, photos taken to create a synth but then put into a panorama stitcher do not make a good panorama and certainly not a synth.


Shooting a good synth requires intentionally capturing parallax between shots from different positions.
Photosynth 1: Manual: | Video Tutorial:
Photosynth 2: Manual: | Video Tutorial:

Shooting a good pano requires avoiding parallax between shots, all captured from the exact same position.
Zuper (2 months ago)
Sorry but it's a bit complicated for my english.... Trying to make it more simple: 
if I have a big JPG panorama, already stiched with any tool, where I can just upload for hosting and viewing? is good, but I see the CREATE button (aka:upload photoS to stich), not a simple UPLOAD. 
That was the original question...

I have found a trick: use ICE, start to create a new panorama, and select the ALREADY STICHED panorama AND one of the original unstiched picture (ice WANTS more than 1 picture). The software is good enough to trash the unneeded original picture (or rejoin at identical position on the already composed panorama), so ICE "is happy" because I selected more than 1 photo, but really the result is my already-stiched panorama and i can finally upload. It's a bit crazy... 

"Since November 2010 that is no longer necessary as there is a panorama publishing plugin for Photoshop" but I already have the panorama, I dont need/have photoshop! Only upload
NateLawrence (2 months ago)
I agree with you that there you should be a way to upload an already stitched panorama for display on, but they do not offer any way to do this currently.

Your ICE trick is good for people who don't have Photoshop.

And if you don't have Photoshop but would like to try the plugin, Adobe does offer a free trial of Photoshop for download.
NateLawrence (2 months ago)
If you want to let Microsoft know that the ability to upload an already stitched panorama to through your web browser is important to you, please add your comments to the discussion that I started about this here:

They are busy building the next version of their site and mobile apps now, so this is a good time to tell them what features are important to you.
Zuper (2 months ago)
Ok thanks!
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