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Topic: Cannot log in with LIveID

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Phototravler (7 months ago)
I am trying, for the first time, to log in using my LiveID, but it keeps reporting that the authentication servers are down. I am, however, able to log onto my Outlook account at Are there separate authentication servers for different products, or am I experiencing a problem with Photosynth?

Thanks for any assistance
NateLawrence (7 months ago)
Hi, Phototravler, 

I'm only your peer (not anyone from Microsoft) however it sounds like something on your computer is stopping Photosynth's desktop application from talking to the Internet.

Sometimes your firewall software may not be allowing Photosynth's desktop application access to the web.
Simply add Photosynth to your firewall's list of trusted programs.

Does your internet connection use a proxy? 
If so, try connecting without the proxy.

Looking at your profile, I see that you did upload one synth just over three years ago.

Also be sure to try out Photosynth's Technical Preview of their next generation of technology at which will completely sidestep this error because there is no desktop application used.
Phototravler (7 months ago)
Thanks for your suggestions. Tired adding photosynth to my firewall as well as turning the firewall off. Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem. I will also try the new on-line Photosynth; it looks exciting!
PhotosynthTeam (7 months ago)
Hi -- If you are on a corporate on institutional WAN, their firewalls sometimes block "unknown" applications from making outbound connections, resulting in this rather unhelpful error from our application. If this might be the case, contact your admin and request access for the Photosynth application. If they want to know what domains it needs access to, the answer is:,,
Gabreality (6 months ago)
Turning off double authentication on my account fixed this problem for me!
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