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Topic: Viewing images taken in photosynth on computer

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superdonkey (10 months ago)
I want to view the images taken on my windows phone 8 on my window 7 compute, in 360 degrees. Which program do I need for that? I downloaded the photosynth desktop application and it did not work.
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
Hello, friend, is host to two different photographic constructs: 

1: Photosynths

Photosynths are a collection of photos taken walking all the way around a subject or a room that the Photosynth desktop application automatically calculates. It solves for the positions of the photos in relation to each other as as well as the basic 3D geometry of what was photographed.

All photosynths are automatically uploaded to your Photosynth account and viewed exclusively online. 

For the best photosynth viewing experience, I recommend the legacy Direct3D Photosynth viewer in Internet Explorer.
See the Photosynth Photography Guide for keyboard shortcuts:

Photosynths are best for exploring or touring an object or space and spatially linking many different views of something in a freeform manner.
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
2: Panoramas

Panoramas were originally generated from Microsoft ICE in 2008 and viewed offline or online via the HD View browser plugin

In 2010, added a panorama viewer which was not as high quality as HD View, but much easier for normal people to upload.

Later in 2010, the ICE team created a Photoshop plugin to publish panoramas to

In 2011, Photosynth released their first version of their mobile app, however mobile processing is not yet powerful enough to create photosynths, so only creates panoramas - and much poorer resolution panoramas than ICE or Photoshop.

In 2011, the Photosynth team also released the first basic version of an HTML5 panorama viewer which works on Internet Explorer 10+ and mobile Safari on iOS.
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
The way to view the panoramas taken with Photosynth's mobile pano app is to upload them to + view them in your browser on your profile page.

(Sign into the website like you did to post your question and click 'My Photosynths' to view all of your uploads - both photosynths and panoramas.

You can also click on your username here on the site to go to your profile.)

You can make any of your uploads either public or unlisted.
Unlisted synths' and panos' URLs are able to be used without login by anyone you give the link to, but will not be viewable on your profile to anyone except yourself when you are signed in and will not appear in search results on the site or Bing Kaps.
Public uploads can be found in search, Bing Maps, and listed on your profile page.

Panoramas are best for sharing a seamless view that looks outward in all directions from a single position.
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
Here's an example pano of mine:

Hopefully, I answered what you were wondering about.
If there's anything that I need to explain better, please ask more questions.

Your fellow synther and panner, 
NateLawrence (10 months ago)
Sorry, typo: should be Bing Maps, not Bing Kaps. =)
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