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Topic: How to process .frame files because stitching isn't working after restoring my iphone from a backup

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cleeb1983 (Over 1 year ago)
After a crash i had to restore my iphone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) frome a backup and now photosynth can't stitch my panoramas (Error Message: Sorry, something went wrong and we cant't stitch the panorama.)

So i tried to ectract the files frome my iphone and i got following structure for each unstitched panorama:
- 3 empty folders: cubeface, deepzoom, miscellaneous
- 1 folder called "thumbnail" with an file called "thumb_gridviewunprocessed.png"
- 1 folder called "capture" with a manifest.txt, a preview.jpg and some .frame files

Now i tried to stitch these .frame files with the Microsoft Photosynth desktop application, the microsoft ICE application and some other apps but they are not accepting .frame files ...

How I can process these .frame files because renaming them to .jpg and stitching them manually with my desktop pc (win7x64) isn't working)

Thanx in advance,
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Christian, 

I'm not on the Photosynth team and I hope that you get an answer from them soon, but I wonder if you would mind uploading the folder of these files to a public SkyDrive or Dropbox folder so that I could look at the files, as I've never had the chance to examine the files from the mobile app myself.

Your fellow panner and photosynther, 
Christian --
Is it just one pano that won't stitch, or are you blocked from shooting and stitching anything at all? If it's the later, and a full reboot does not improve things, then I'm afraid that you're looking at an application removal and re-installation. THAT WILL DELETE ALL YOUR LOCAL PANOS THOUGH, so do not take this measure lightly. Hopefully you uploaded all the good ones to so they won't be lost.

If it's just one, and ICE won't help on the .frame files, then I think that pano is lost, I'm sorry to say.

David Gedye. Photosynth Lead Program Manager.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)

What are the .frame files composed of? This is to ask, are they merely .jpg files with extra position or motion information added in with a different file extension. Reworded: "Do the .frame files contain the individual images captured during the shooting process?"

If that is the case, what process should an end user perform on a duplicate copy of their .frame files to extract the image information so that it can be read by ICE? 

Would it be enough to simply rename the file extensions from .frame to .jpg ?
That was the case for me years ago with the .NEF raw files from my Nikon D60. Because the raw files also contain a full resolution low quality .jpg copy of the image, changing the file extension of the .NEF file allowed Photosynth to read the internal .jpg information.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I also thought that there was a low possibility that, like so many of the files that Photosynth and Windows generate on Windows, the frame files might actually be zipped, so that renaming the file extension from .frame to .zip might allow an end user to look inside and simply extract the .jpg files to then be used with ICE. 

What makes this seem improbable to me is that these files are being written to internal storage so quickly that I find it difficult to believe that .zip compression could be performed at an acceptably fast rate and I also wonder how needing to unzip all the individual snapshots when one begins before beginning stitching would impact performance. In short, compression doesn't seem to serve a purpose, that early in the workflow.
cleeb1983 (Over 1 year ago)

@natelawrence: You can find one of my corrupt panoramas at as zip file with all the mentioned folders and .frame files inside.

@David: The application itself is working perfectly. I can shoot and stich new panos and i can also view old panos. The one thing which isn't working is: I had a few unstiched panos in my photosynth app before my crash/restore prcedure and these (~10 panos) which i didn't stich before the crash can't be stiched after the restore procedure and so i also can't upload them.

As natelawrence already asked in his replie the question is:
"Is there some way to extract the images out of the .frame files to arrange them manually, because renaming them to .jpg/.zip isn't working!" 
"How is the .frame file build up? Is it based on an well-known file format?"

Thank you both for helping me to get back my pictures.
ZHX Christian
cleeb1983 (Over 1 year ago)
BTW: It would be useful if there is a switch within the settings dialog to choose that the original shoots will be saved to "camera roll" of ios. With such an enabled option corrupt internal files won't have such an big consequence ...
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Christian, thanks for sharing. I haven't figured out how to get the image data, but the fact that they're all exactly the same filesize tells me that they're all completely uncompressed. 

That is to say their filesize is simply the result of three color channels (red, green, + blue) multiplied by the number of pixels, so the image format would be something like BMP (although BMP isn't the answer, sadly).

Hopefully David can help us understand how to tweak these files to get the pure image data into a usable form.

I totally second your request for an option to export the input shots in one's camera roll. Our fellow Photosynth user, Aquateen33 suggested the same feature some time ago here: so feel free to add your support in that discussion as well.
RustyStRage1 (Over 1 year ago)
I'm having the same error message, but it's on every pano I try .. Very unfortunate because I need this app for Gigwalk.. Someone please help!! I've tried rebooting, reinstalling, clearing out memory, clearing cookies.. Nothing seems to work ..:-(
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