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Topic: Photosynth crash on stitch

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ispinnFL (Over 1 year ago)
15 GB iPhone 3GS
iOS 5.0.1
10.3 GB available
Photosynth v1.1.2

I have had only one 360 degree x 360 degree panorama with approximately 50 overlapping images in my 3GS ready for stitching for three weeks now. There are no other panoramas saved on the device. I've had to select 'stitch' over a dozen times before it completed its stitching without crashing. The crashing would happen at about the 45-60% range. The crash would result in a brief black screen, then it would drop back to the regular iPhone screen displaying a page of 16 of its application icons. 

Are memory issues like this (I'm assuming they're memory problems) being addressed in future updates? Is there a location to send the image data to to recreate the problem for an engineer somewhere?


Doug Parker
Orlando, FL
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Doug, 

I'm only your peer, but if you need to send in some data from your phone for testing, I would try reaching out to Photosynth by email:

The general rule with a mobile panorama not being able to complete stitching is that your mobile device's RAM (short term memory which it stores open apps in) is full of other open apps, so Photosynth's mobile app can't use all the RAM to do what it needs to. 

The solution to this is to close all other apps before trying to stitch a panorama with Photosynth's mobile app. The easiest way to achieve this seems to be to completely power off your iOS device by holding down the power button until the 'Slide to Power Off' message appears and doing so. 

When you turn it back on, open Photosynth's app only and tell your panorama to stitch. It should succeed right away.

All the best!
Your fellow panner + photosynther, 
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