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JosephLoo (Over 1 year ago)
Do anyone know how come after synth, the results shows the shadow at the left and right ends . Is the anyway to remove ? And is it possible to make it run itself, in a more natural and smoother way instead of navigating thru the arrows. Lastly, anyway to remove those rectangles when you navigate the synth
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, JosephLoo, 

The choice to show the current photo, as is, while reducing the opacity of the background photos is simply a style choice made by the Photosynth team to make it clear what one is meant to be of looking at (important when you have as many overlapping photos as a typical synth does). 

If you want the synth to play itself, you can use the 'Play' button or the [1] key on your keyboard. Other useful keys are: 
the [Spacebar] (Next, spatially), 
[Shift] + [Spacebar] (Previous, spatially), 
[z] (Back), 
[.] (Next, alphanumerically), 
[,] (Previous, alphanumerically), 

(Using these keys and keeping your mouse free of the viewer can avoid the rectangles, if you like.) 

You can get the full list of keyboard shortcuts in the Photosynth Photography Guide, available from this page:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Many people make the mistake of trying to create panoramas with the original Photosynth program for Windows, but if you shoot a panorama and then upload it as a synth, the result will not be a particularly good panorama or photosynth. 

If you mean to upload a panorama to your account, it will need to be 2D stitched with a panorama stitcher like Microsoft ICE ( ) or Adobe Photoshop ( ) and then handed off to Photosynth's Windows application for sign in and upload. 

The original Photosynth application for Windows actually does something that no traditional panorama stitcher handles: matching shots taken from different positions, distances, zoom levels, exposures, etc. and in the process figures out the depth of the scene, giving you a way to spatially transition between different shots of, say, a birthday party - where you have lots of great shots of people's smiles and celebrating.
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