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Topic: Photosynth not visible in Bing Maps

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achillez16 (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, i just created a photosynth, but its not visible in bing maps. . y is that ?
jlyon1515 (Over 1 year ago)
Give it time. I think it took one of my synths two days to show up after it was geotagged. So, I don't think it's an automatic thing (or mine was really late for some reason). Maybe by the time you're reading this your synth is already showing up! Will be curious to hear how long it took.
Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
We updated how we determine what synths end up on the map with a new algorithm, we are still fine tuning it. I agree these synths should show up on the map, and we’ll get them out there in our next update. Please let us know about others that do not show up on the map that you think should and we will look into why the algorithm is excluding them.

Thanks, The Photosynth Team
yooperjb (Over 1 year ago)
I've had my synths up for almost a week now and they are still not showing up on Bing maps. Is this still an posting algorithm problem?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
yooberjb, I've loaded your McKinley synth in multiple browsers and clicked through to see it on Bing Maps. You might try clearing your browser's cache and reloading one of your synths to see if it works for you now, just in case you were loading an older version of the page, already downloaded from before the geotag had gone through.

On your smaller synths, although they are 100% synthy, I suspected that they may not have had enough photos in them to show up on the map, but I've clicked on two of the largest (11 photos and 9 photos) and saw their thumbnail load in the middle of the map, too. Perhaps they just became visible this afternoon.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Yooperjb - Im just took a look at your synths and they appear to showing up on Big Maps.  Are you still seeing a problem?  Please send me mail if you are.

Tony Ernst - Photosynth Test Lead
yooperjb (Over 1 year ago)
Nathanael and TonyErnst,
I cleared my browser's cache (Firefox), and reloaded the page. Nothing. I went to and viewed photosynth on Bing and it (Mckinley) showed up. After I removed the photo synth app from Bing and then reapplied it my photosynth was gone! And even stranger, when I select to only show those in the past 30 days it appears again, but when I select show all it disappears again. Something strange is going on indeed.
marlincreek (Over 1 year ago)
How about adding an icon on the photosynth's info page that indicates that it is on the Bing map?

It could be placed next to the geotaged icon.
VegardPettersen (Over 1 year ago)
Did you guys solve this during the "over 1 year ago" because I can't see that you have
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Surveybot50, any geotagged photosynth or panorama should be showing on Bing Maps when you are browsing with the Photosynth Map App turned on:

The way that the pushpins work when you're browsing the map is that when several panoramas or photosynths are close to each other, the pushpins cluster into a single pushpin so that the map doesn't have to draw so many pushpins, but once you zoom in close enough, the pins should separate from each other and allow you to launch any of the individual synths or panos. So, if you're not seeing the pushpin for your synth or pano, just be sure that you've zoomed in close enough to the location on the map.

Sometimes if a photosynth isn't very well connected or doesn't have very many photos in it, its pushpin is automatically hidden, but panoramas don't really have those sorts of problems. I'm not sure how panoramas are filtered for quality, though.
K_Whitbeck_Thesis (Over 1 year ago)
Still seeing this issue.  I would like a link in Photosynth that shows all my synths, and ideally, that I can share with firends.  Right now, the panoramas I've created in Photosynth (under jkirkwood001) aren't showing up in Bing Maps with the PS Map App turned on.
kafand (11 months ago)
My Synths just do not appear on the map. The system seems to be very faulty? We want to use them for a rebuilding initiative in tsunami-hit area of Ishinomaki, Japan. I thought that the Bing platform would be ideal for this sort of documentation but it is disappointing.
Nathanael (11 months ago)
Hi, kafand,

I am only your peer, not a Microsoft employee.

Unfortunately the old system has fallen into some disrepair after Microsoft halted all Silverlight development.

Previously, clicking in the thumbnail map below any geotagged synth or pano would load that panorama or photosynth on Bing Maps flawlessly, however an update to the way Bing's URLs work broke that and Photosynth has not been under active development for some time.

Recently, Microsoft revealed an upcoming WebGL version of Bing Maps 3D which should launch around the release of Windows 8.1 (and therefore the release of Internet Explorer 11 which will be the first version of IE with WebGL support).

As a part of this, Photosynth 2 has been hiring on personnel to integrate their upcoming WebGL viewer into the new Bing Maps and advance our photos' reconstruction.

Signs of life:
Please check back after 2013 October 18. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Nathanael (11 months ago)
As a small side note, (please don't be offended) you appear to have only uploaded mobile panoramas to your account so far - not any photosynths. It is an understandable mistake, however photosynths and single panoramas and are two different photographic constructs (and there are soon going to be more upload formats supported such as spin movies ) if the Photosynth web service is anything to go by. 

It lists five upload types: Undefined or Synth or Panorama or DeepZoomPhoto or SynthPacket
which can also be described as six topology types: Unknown or Spin or Panorama or Wall or Walk or CubePanorama

To reach out to the Photosynth team privately, please write to
LissaCoffey (10 months ago)
Sometimes if a photosynth isn't very well connected or doesn't have very many photos in it, its pushpin is automatically hidden, but panoramas don't really have those sorts of problems. I'm not sure how panoramas are filtered for quality, though.
Optics (1 month ago)
None of my older synths which were mapped are currently showing up. I dont think older stuff has migrated in any clean way.
NateLawrence (1 month ago)
Hi Optics,

You're right that the Tech Preview site hasn't ported over original Photosynths (uploaded with the original Photosynth desktop application) to the Photosynth 2 beta website yet.

If you examine the URL in your address bar when looking at the map on the Photosynth 2 beta site, you'll see part of it says #types=SynthPackets,Panos

That means that the map is showing you upload types of 'SynthPackets' (Photosynth 2 photosynths) and 'Panos' (stitched panoramas from Microsoft ICE, Adobe Photoshop, Photosynth's mobile panorama apps, or Windows 8.1's default Camera app).

If you want to trick the map to also show you pushpins for Photosynth 1 photosynths, you can add 'Synths' to the list with an additional ',' to bridge the upload types. 
, is the safe encoding for commas and the upload types are comma separated.

This URL should show you all your geotagged uploads:,Panos,Synths,SynthPackets&user=Optics
NateLawrence (1 month ago)
Sorry, the Photosynth forum seems to have converted the sequence "% 2 C" (without spaces as I originally typed it above) into commas and then doesn't understand that commas in URLs are valid characters, thus breaking the link in half.
Here's a shortened link that will show you what I intended:


For a dedicated topic on this, check this discussion in the Photosynth 2 Tech Preview forum:


P.S. Yes, I'm aware that the embedded synth viewer on the Photosynth 2 site's map page is not loading original photosynths when you click on their pushpin on the new map.

I'm confident that this will be fixed by the time that the Photosynth 2 website comes out of 'Technical Preview' status and launches their new mobile apps.

Cheers, mate.
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