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Topic: Get Paid to Use the Photosynth App

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If you haven't seen this blog post:, check it out. Bottom line is that we are paying for 10's of thousands of panoramas of businesses across 8 US Cities.

Please tell us what you think of this, especially if you've given it a try.
Thanks, David.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
David, do you have any plans or hopes that Windows Phone users who get the mobile panorama app for Windows Phone Mango will be able to participate in this, or is that up to Gigwalk?
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
I've just read the post. I like this crowd sourcing initiate to collect material for augmented reality a lot.
Nathanael -- I defintiely hope that WP users will be able to participate in something like this in the future. We're going to experiment with different ways to sponsor large scale collection, but we'll see how this Gigwalk project goes over the next few months before making the next set of plans.
RayRolfe (Over 1 year ago)
I'd run out and create 20 business synths right now! I'd spend every day for the rest of the summer doing this.
But is it strictly phone users that get to participate? 
I'm a fairly impoverished artist (which is why this work appeals greatly to me) and I do not have a phone.

I am not in one of the test cities anyway. But, I'd love to be the only guy in Minneapolis doing this work! I do have some great synths and real "streetcred"
I'd love to know if there is another way to become involved as a paid content producer for Photosynth /Bing Maps.  

Thanks for being innovative, whoever conceptualized this drive for content.
MToo (Over 1 year ago)
Hello David

I hope one day I'll be able to make business with all my French syth !!! Think about France, there is so many nice places to synth !
GaryMortimer (Over 1 year ago)
@MToo I am busy trying to add a French one, you are right so many places to add!

It does seem a little short sighted to not acceptnormal camera generated synths.

Seems the future is fruit based ;-)
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