Mass Exodus
Mass Exodus
sukses89 (1 week ago)
great panorma . earth is beautiful many place is beautiful

BBMunny (8 months ago)
Exodus from Burning Man which takes place in Black Rock City.

PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
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Sphynctre (Over 1 year ago)
I wasn't there, and don't actually know where this is, but taking the geotag location of Black Rock, NV, and the tags of "summer 2011 contest", I found that this is most likely the Burning Man Festival that just took place earlier this month.

postal67 (Over 1 year ago)
Looking at other pictures, it looks like a remake of MAD MAX movies! Though it was going to be the Salt Lake Races, but not... I really don't like have pictures without comments, just a simple one would be great.