If you want to use any of my panoramas feel free, just note that I am the author. All of my panoramas can be used in commercial projects.
Most of them I captured with the weak Samsung ES15. So you can start making panos too! Greatings from Cracow, Poland

Hot air balloon - nice view
Hot air balloon - nice view
leandro931 (9 months ago)

Cormonster (9 months ago)
Very cool!!

Sergiusz.Olszewski (9 months ago)
Is 1.5 MPx maximum of Theta 360?

P_SEMEGHINI (10 months ago)

ShravanKumarN (10 months ago)
Awesome view ...

Poppy Field
Poppy Field
Martin_Kulhavy (10 months ago)
I have just saved 360 from different location: I can provide you RAW files of this pano, but they are 6.5GB. Any ideas how to deliver?

slyvester (10 months ago)
Great shot! By any chance u have the 360? And would u mind giving me the raw data for learning purposes?

flyinhawaiian843 (11 months ago)

Martin_Kulhavy (11 months ago)
It must be blurry, since refocusing for each individual image wouldn't work for these distances and focal lengths. I prefer to keep foreground blurry than having stitching errors due to the different focus distances.

Sergiusz.Olszewski (11 months ago)
Maybe it's 4.73 GPX, but at the bottom it's completely blurry.

Dawn on snowy Josaphat Park (Brussels)
Dawn on snowy Josaphat Park (Brussels)
goedele3 (Over 1 year ago)
Praaaaaachtig,respect for the nature,for the people and for animals i love it !!!!!

Thaukka (Over 1 year ago)
extreemly beautiful sky.

zentralperspektive (Over 1 year ago)
Great Panorama !

Brusilia (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks, @synthero, for making it the Home Page hero this week!

Brusilia (Over 1 year ago)
klimax II
klimax II
Sergiusz.Olszewski (Over 1 year ago)
Use "Adjust the panorama projection and orientation" tool to fix your pano projection