Curiosity at Rocknest (Raw)



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Billion-Pixel View From Curiosity at Rocknest
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Date Created 6/11/2013

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brookler Over 1 year ago
Very cool.

Did anybody else notice the two black marks in the sky--they sort of look like FIOC? Any ideas about what they are?
brunops85 Over 1 year ago
i found a strange object on white color

link to image:
MikeMone Over 1 year ago
i found a couple of shiny objects too. on white-ballanced and here.
MikeMone Over 1 year ago
and i see 1 black mark. lol. looks like a birdie))
MikeMone Over 1 year ago
nah.. its on each frame... not interesting. but the shiny objects are still intresting
Sesquatercet Over 1 year ago
Cold-loving-crested Cryolophosaur facing us: Complete torso: spiked neck, main legs cut off (eaten), Eyes: two sockets, eyeball (iris, pupil), Two rows teeth, Two arms: elbows, wrists, claws, one wrist knotted to a stake, Extras: snake at mouth, wheel-brand on crest... probable juvenile...

LOCATION: first dark patch left above UHF canister, ca Yellowknife Bay.
Sesquatercet Over 1 year ago
THE EMBED PROCESS FAILS--so, see my YouTube video "Mars Rocknest Monster ..."
Sesquatercet Over 1 year ago
And at 180° on the near-horizon is another kind of dinosaur, which in a last effort after being dealt a fatal blow, turned, dragging its front feet (note the drag marks of both front feet), and flopped-long.

See more Mars Paleontology: reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs, humans, corpses, accoutrements, masks, gargoyles, footprints... fossils since Mars' remnant breathable atmosphere collapsed—
Sesquatercet Over 1 year ago
Refined 2nd-location: 180 => 130-left 230-right (I tried finer manual-turn-proportioning... wish they'd graduated the camera-base.)
gravityreverse010 11 months ago
Statue and Petrified body at far right near curved rock... zoom way in to see or look at my YouTube video " Curiosity photo shows Statue and Petrified Body at RockNest" to get the location.
Sesquatercet 11 months ago
Can you locate that more precisely (There are many rocks, far right): Use the Numbers along the edges of the image: For example my Dinosaur is at 70-04 [Horizontal-Vertical], and the Giant Heart-And-Hand and a NASA Pareidolia Bird are at 44-04.
gravityreverse010 11 months ago
I don't see numbers along the edges. I will keep looking.
gravityreverse010 11 months ago
OK i see the numbers now. I will give location.
gravityreverse010 11 months ago
OK. You can find the Statue and Petrified Body at 350(Bottom) and -10(Side) zoom in to see. There are also carvings in the rocks and a "turtle" shell shaped carving next to the Body lying face down with its arms wrapped about its head which is turned on its side. Tilt your head to the left to view this better.
gravityreverse010 11 months ago
If that does not help look at it on YouTube:
LissaCoffey 9 months ago
Awesome job. Could use a lot more highlights, so much to see
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