Pulpit Rock, Stavanger, Norway



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The Pulpit Rock outside of Stavanger Norway. Magnificent view. 620 meter (2035 feet) drop to the fjord.
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Date Created 5/2/2011

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
This is officially the scariest panorama on our site! Seeing your foot close to the edge there gives me the shivers :-)
ssesynth Over 1 year ago
Thanks David, I'm honored :)
Just don't send this link to my mom. She would kill me if she knew what I was up to :)

By the way, that's a 620 meter drop (2035 feet) from my foot to the ocean.
gold_fingers_95 Over 1 year ago
The best Panorama!
stunning, amayzing, magical!
Keep going!
June5H Over 1 year ago
I want to go once. This is a very nice picture.
pagazuss Over 1 year ago
Yes It is. How could you brave go there to take some of pictures ?
CEDRICtus Over 1 year ago
Nice work, and quite daring.
nazogema Over 1 year ago

This picture is so amazing
it gave me spontanious vertigo
GigaView Over 1 year ago
I think I'll stick with putting my robot on ledges to take my cliff side photos. I've already fallen over on my back deck trying to shoot a panorama with my iPhone. I'd never try to do it someplace like that. Just not worth it, but great job!
UnoLin Over 1 year ago
rmotamayor Over 1 year ago
Only those, who have been there, know haw difficult this picture is, Amazing, Congratulations!!!
J.P.Peter Over 1 year ago
Fantastic view! Congratulations to this great Synth!
TheSynthesizer Over 1 year ago
this is truly awesome! You're like right AT THE EDGE!!! aaand taking a freakin' photosynth!... and pretty well stitched that too, with no jagged edges!
OBTRUNCO Over 1 year ago
Now this one is good! And... I saw your sneaker LOL!!!
kiransj Over 1 year ago
Amazing panorama!!!
OldDogNewTrick Over 1 year ago
Excellent capture. Really enjoyed seeing this.

I just posted one a few days ago too.
LissaCoffey 6 months ago
well, curiousity, wonder, or oddity... either way it IS featured on the front page of photosynth and it IS getting you lots of exposure
sukses89 3 months ago
good picture, many thing in the world was incredible...i like nature picture thanks
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