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not bad attempt, shame the inside goes awry, i think it is cos it got confused as there are two front doors, similar. and inside each there is a red sign, i notice that as i enter the left door and see the left side with the sign, it then goes to the right side shot thinking it the left.
also although as you look in the door there is a display dead ahead in front which i thought would anchor everything, the inside has been put at a slanting angle instead of parellel.

comments, hints and tips welcome.

i realise some shots were overexposed cos of sunlight flare and accept that, but it shouldnt affect inside. I think that is just cos doors were all similar
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NateLawrence 5 months ago
Hey there, Andy.

Hoping my thoughts in the forum didn't discourage you.

If you've had enough of my feedback for a while, just say the word and I'll back off and just wait for others to offer their thoughts.

Your fellow synther,
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