Topic: Disabling page scroll when embedded as an iframe

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chicagopatterns (Over 1 year ago)

I'd like to use this wonderful tool for walking tours, embedded on my blog. However, this will only work if the embedded iframe is above the fold. Using the arrow keys scrolls the browser window to the top while it walks through the photosynth embed.

I've included javascript both in the page and iframe that disables page scrolling with arrow keys. This works, until I click "click here to view." Once the photsynth is activated, the javascript disabling page scroll stops, and using arrow keys moves the page up.

Is there a fix for this or some API documentation for the new version?
adam_mitchell55 (Over 1 year ago)
Hi chicagopatterns,

Thanks for reporting this bug to us.  I just did a bit of testing and I see that you're right.  In the latest version of Chrome, I am able to get this to happen.  It does not occur in the latest version of IE or Firefox for me.  We'll take a look.  Hopefully we can address this issue before our next release.

Photosynth developer