Topic: external usage of Synths (SFM)

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DennisDolphin (Over 1 year ago)

there's already a toolbox that makes use of the Photosynth-data, though: can't the pointcloud be downloaded directly without recalculating camera-position? It should be made more userfriendly.

As far as I see, 3D-reconstruction isn't meant for endusers. Why? That's the main use of Photosynth, panoramas or walkingtours can be done better without the constraint to use Silverlight (HTML5,Canvas guys!)....
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Dennis,

I'm just your fellow user, but maybe I could help? 
Your criticisms seem to bounce around a little... is host to a couple of different types of uploads:
1) original photosynths (created with Photosynth's desktop application for Windows and viewed with either the original Direct3D viewer plugin for IE + Firefox, or Silverlight)

2) stitched panoramas (created with Microsoft ICE, Adobe Photoshop, or Photosynth's mobile pano apps, which are viewed with either the Silverlight viewer or a more primitive CSS3 3D viewer)

3) new synths (the four shapes supported in the Photosynth 2 preview website - walks, spins, walls, and panning synths - and viewed with Photosynth's new WebGL viewer which does use HTML Canvas 3D).
DennisDolphin (Over 1 year ago)
Interesting, though on my S5 I still can't watch any of my synths in it's Chrome browser, neither the new ones. It keeps telling me to Download Silverlight/Flash...

Any way, my main-question was about downloading the pointclouds... any way to do that?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth does the most minimal 3D reconstruction necessary to present your photos in 3D space (the sparse point cloud and camera positions). 

Photosynth 2 adds low-polygon-count per-image depth maps (to project the photos onto) to the point cloud + camera positions.

If you're primarily interested in 3D modeling from photos, there are tools out there whose goal is producing 3D models via photogrammetry like Autodesk's 123D Catch or Agisoft's Photoscan.

If you're interested in starting from Photosynth 1, Christoph Hausner's SynthExport, Henri Astre's PhotosynthToolkit, Kean Walmsley's BrowsePhotosynth, or Meshlab's Import Photosynth filter, and Henri Astre's WebGL viewer extension for Google Chrome will all fetch the point cloud.

PhotosynthToolkit, WebGL viewer Chrome extension, and Meshlab can all read the camera positions and point cloud together if that's what you need.

SynthExport can save the camera positions in a separate comma separated value's file.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I should also say that SynthExport is the only one of the group which is updated to read Photosynth 2 data.


On your S5 do any other WebGL pages (like this demo ) work?

Even if Chrome doesn't have WebGL running on your phone, you should be getting an HTML5 video preview of new synths.