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Topic: Do you plan to support traditional Share Links?

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Do you plan to support traditional Share Links where I am able to link to a specific view of a synth?

Link to a specific image in a synth
Link to zoomed in on a particular portion of an image in a synth
Link to a particular virtual camera view of the synth in global camera view
Link includes whether map is turned on or not
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Yes to linking to a specific image in a synth. This was part of the plan for the preview, but didn't quite make it. It's still on the drawing board.
Link to a zoom-ed area would be a natural when we work on highlights, which are also on the list.
Links directly into global camera are less likely.
Links re the map would require us to put a button on the screen so that link receivers could turn it off, and we're trying to keep the buttons as few as possible for the average user.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I was happy to realize today (2014 03 10) in xRez Studio's thread that you've got the image-specific bit working on the Share link URLs now.
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Yep. We support that startat parameter. We need to optionally include that in the URL from the Share button to complete the scenario.
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