Topic: Did something change??

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GaryMortimer (Over 1 year ago)
I have noticed that a synth I made today seems a little jumpier (can't think of a word) and the 3D seems somewhat more harsh.

Looked at my previously up loaded ones and again, it looks like they are different.
Steve.Lawrence (Over 1 year ago)
When you say that synth playback seems jumpier, do you mean that:
a) the frame rate is lower (meaning, you appear to be missing frames of animation) 
b) the frame rate is smooth but the actual path through the synth is more jerky
c) something else?

I loaded up your synth and it seems normal enough to me (actually a better reconstruction than one or two of your others I looked at last week) and it plays back as smoothly as any other synth for me.

If you have more programs open than you usually do (more tabs in the browser, more windows in general, large images open in an editor, etc.) then you may be running a little low on video RAM (assuming you are using Windows Vista or above, which would be using the GPU for the Desktop Window Manager) or if you have more synths open simultaneously than usual, it would cause synth playback performance to degrade until other things are closed which would give the Photosynth viewer more room to breathe on the GPU.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Whoops. Wrong account.

As a short test, would you mind resizing your browser window to be fairly small (say one third the height of your monitor height) and refreshing a synth's view page at this size to see if it becomes less jumpy?

By doing what I describe, you are telling the viewer to run at a lower resolution on page load/reload which will make everything more grainy while in motion (especially when expanded to full screen) but should allow things to run more smoothly. If that improves the frame rate, then that would be an indication that your GPU is just overtaxed trying to run the viewer along with other things and it just needs its load lightened a little.
PhotosynthTeam (Over 1 year ago)
Gary -- We didn't make any changes to the viewer since before the holidays, so things should be no more "jumpy" than before. I do see a "jello" effect, on your synth that is probably caused by the rolling shutter of your camera, but that should have always been there.
GaryMortimer (Over 1 year ago)
It was perhaps video memory and my camera combining or just me after a long day! Thanks for the replies guys and I am sorry I have been tardy spotting them.