Topic: 'Replies to Comments' Feed is Missing Some Replies

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Last night or early this morning I commented on two synths and one pano of H Gregg's. This morning I checked my Replies to Comments feed on my profile (on the main site) and saw replies from H Gregg on two of the three.

I was curious about the third, so went to his profile and actually looked at it and it had more comments than when I had signed off so I opened it and saw a new reply or two there. I double checked my feed to see if those comments had been added since I loaded my profile but the synth's replies still weren't in my feed.

My best guess as to what might be the cause is that I accidentally posted a comment while attempting to use a carriage return and copied and deleted the unfinished comment, pasted the beginning into the comment field, and finished typing before posting it last night and perhaps this deletion unsubscribed me from any replies, even though I posted a comment or two after that.

Here's the CID: 594fe251-31c4-4438-8496-c1f2a37dacd2