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Topic: Gallery load...

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Frequently I find myself clicking on a thumbnail of a gallery without anything happening, until - I guess - all thumbnails have loaded.
IE11 both desktop as well as modern ui. Contract internet speed is 30 Mbps download.
ps2-hero (11 months ago)
Thanks for reporting this Joscelin
You are welcome. I wish you guys, lasses were using recognizable nick names.
christoph_hausner (11 months ago)
I don't think I ever encountered this specific issue that Joscelin is reporting here but would like to bring up something related. As long as the fade in animation of the gallery is active you can't click on any item. Even though the animation is rather short it's still annoying when quickly navigating back and forth between pages and synths because you always have to wait that one second for the animation to finish.
@christoph_hausner. I am not sure if I completely understand your explanation. What fade in animation? 

My symptom is the same as yours, no response on click. It may have the same cause and you having the correct lead to it.
christoph_hausner (11 months ago)
With "fade in animation" I am referring to the animation of the gallery items when the page is loaded. At least for me, the items scroll in from right to left, for the duration of a second or so. Only after this animation is finished, the mouse cursor changes to a hand indicating that the items are clickable now.
Ok. I have the on click no response even with the mouse pointer being a hand.
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