Topic: Upload broken

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Albenga (Over 1 year ago)

I'm trying to upload some JPG photos, but the upload fails (shows "3 omitted") telling me that photos aren't JPEG.
But photos ARE jpeg.

I'm using IE11 on Windows 7.

Dr. Marco Marsala
Network Solution srl, Genova
Albenga (Over 1 year ago)
Please note that the upload must be broken for all users.
It fails even with the jpg photos bundled with Widnwos in the Image folder!! It Always tells that they aren't JPEG
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Marco, 

I'm only your fellow user - not anyone from Microsoft. I'm sure that someone from the Photosynth team will reply to you after the weekend.

Would you mind uploading these images to a public OneDrive folder?

I'm not certain where you're seeing the "3 omitted" message. Is it on 
1) the 'upload completed' page or are you seeing it 
2) when you actually view the synth and click the Information icon in the lower left corner of the viewer?

If it is the second option, then '3 omitted' is only telling you that Photosynth was not able to match 3 of the photos to the others.

I can't say that I've ever received a message that the reason is that the images are not formatted JPGs, though.

I don't know the origin of these three images in particular but if they were ever not formatted as JPGs, I trust that you know that simply renaming the file extension on the filename will not convert them to JPG formatting.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
If it were me, I would simply open the three images that Photosynth is having trouble with in an image editor and resave them as standard JPGs with the smallest level of compression/highest quality.

Again, it would be helpful to get a copy of your images and see if I can reproduce your error message on my computers or see whether there is anything about how they're formatted that makes them unique from the others.

Hoping that this is resolved quickly for you, 
Your fellow synther,