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Topic: Highlight editing flaw...

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After adding a Highlight and editing it still or having accessed it to edit, more often than not, it jumps in size while moving the mouse pointer. Rather annoying. Also happens while editing visibility manually.
Another one? Should I take the fact that to move the highlight I have to click/tap and hold in the exact middle to avoid jumping to another position as a design decision or as a flaw. In general, I am used to pick up an object anywhere in its body without having it jump to another position. So far, the current behaviour feels inconvenient to me.
Nathanael (11 months ago)
I can't say that I have experienced a highlight changing in size while I'm dragging it.
It is true that if you click on the resize handle on the edge of the highlight while editing that it is possible to edit its size, but I very much appreciate that feature.


Regarding a highlight changing size while editing manual visibility, isn't this probably just due to the highlight being attached to a particular part of the synth which will get smaller as you move away from it and get larger as you get closer to it in the synth? I expect that is an intentional feature.


Perhaps you are using higher resolution touch screens and therefore the default size of a new highlight on such a screen is difficult to select and drag with something as large as a fingertip, but I haven't had any problems editing highlights' position/placement with a mouse and keyboard.

That doesn't mean that your complaint isn't valid for everyone using a high res touch screen, though.
I am using a traditional screen: Samsung SyncMaster 2343NW with mouse on Windows 8.1 IE11 desktop.

1. This is not while dragging, but just by moving the pointer. It is really odd behaviour.
More... at times while starting editing visibility manually, the highlight circle is somewhere in the frame where it does not belong at all. Moving the slider to get back to a normal visual range for the highlight makes the highlight circle jump back to its original position.

By the way, I am using Windows 64-bit.
In the above, 'frame' should be 'scene'. Synth type for all above, so far, is pano.
Still more... Picking up and dragging a highlight it enlarges until I drop it. :-( 

I come across all these frequently, but the behaviour is not consistent.
Nathanael (11 months ago)
Any chance you could shoot a couple quick videos with one of your Lumias that illustrate what you're witnessing and put the clips up on OneDrive or YouTube?
Another odd behaviour clip

I added the highlight, gave it its minimum size, pasted text and then all at sudden highlight starts to resize while moving mouse pointer horizontally, until I click somewhere.
wideangle (11 months ago)
Thanks for the report and uploading the videos Joscelin. The videos are very helpful to understand the issue.  The weird jumping behavior you see is definitely a bug. Unfortunately, we have not been able to repro this bug even when using the same setup as you (Win 8.1 64 bits with IE11) and the same synth/highlight shown on the video.  I'll see if our test team can repro.
Ann, I am aware that 'same setup' is rather relative. The only thing I can add at the moment is that the above mentioned monitor has a resolution of 2048 x 1152 (16:9), which has become rare with FHD monitors being the standard nowadays. To me the jumping behavior while starting the manual visibility edit seems to be consistent. It does not matter if I have the IE11 window full screen or not. To be more precise, the jump occurs on clicking the slider. Same with click and hold.
Ann, I have tried to pay attention and I noticed the following concerning the odd resizing behaviour as shown in the 2nd video. I can reproduce it as follows. Click in the scene to add the Highlight, drag the size handle to minimize the size, type a character in the text box, then moving the mouse pointer horizontally anywhere in the frame will resize the Highlight unintentionally.
Oh, please let me know if you can reproduce or need more hints.
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