Topic: Photosynth Authentication for Third Party Apps + Sites

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Something I've wondered about for years now is if you would offer a way for third party websites + apps to sign into them with my Photosynth account.

Some use cases would be: 
:: A Photosynth fansite which would want to have a way of proving that a user there was truly the Photosynth community member that they claimed to be. 

:: A web service which provides browsing + viewing options beyond what is available on the Photosynth site or offers editing options not found here, which would need the user's authentication to write back data to our own synths + panos. 
(A multitude of requests over the years for a way to manually arrange unsynthed or smaller groups of photos to connect with the main synth have often been met with a suggestion that this would be good functionality for third parties to provide.)

:: A Photosynth viewing app similar to iSynth which would need a user's authentication to see the full list of both their listed + unlisted synths + panos.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
:: A web service that allows non-Windows users to upload their photos + have Photosynth 1 run on our servers for them.

:: A web service which will decode any portion of an online video to stills on our servers + submit them to Photosynth.

I know that using Microsoft Account is available for any website or app to implement as a login option (predating signing in with a Facebook, Twitter, etc. account), but to my understanding, this does not allow anyone who signs in with their Microsoft Account to a third party service the ability to authenticate against any other Microsoft service (XBOX Live, Skype, OneDrive, Photosynth, etc.) + give the user access to their content on those Microsoft services, so this does not appear to give me the ability to create a website dedicated to Photosynth where Photosynth users can sign in with their existing account + pull up their content, as is my aim.

What are the team's thoughts on providing something like this?