Topic: Domaine d'utilisation de photosynth

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Alexandre_LEROY (Over 1 year ago)

Je suis agent immobilier, puis-je utiliser Photosynth pour présenter les biens à mes clients ?

Alexandre LEROY
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Automatic translation by Bing: 
"Field of use of photosynth


I am real estate agent, can I use Photosynth to introduce goods to my clients?

Kind regards
Alexandre LEROY"

Hello, Alexandre, 
In the preview's Frequently Asked Questions page, we find the following:
"Can I use my synths commercially?
Yes. If you have real estate, businesses, locations, or products you want to promote, you can create synths using Photosynth and embed the results in your website or blog. Currently, we do not offer an enterprise version of the product, nor do we offer any form of access control. Using Photosynth is a great way to promote a place or product publicly, but not the right choice if you need to closely control who can see your synths."