Topic: UAV Pilots + Photographers, Is there any software available to automate shooting aerial spin synths?

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I've wanted for years to get into flying a multi-copter or flying wing.

Can any of you with experience flying and shooting photos from these offer any advice for those of us who want to shoot a spin synth around a central object on the ground?

I haven't used flight planning software of any kind before, but I imagine that there is something available that would allow you to pull up a map and plot a circle around a particular object and the UAV could fly that circle by following GPS coordinates, however there is still the problem of the camera facing the desired direction (toward the intended subject) and also being angled appropriately down toward the ground so that the camera is centered on the subject or a GPS coord.

Trying to do this manually seems as though it would be relatively difficult.
I'm not sure what solutions are available for getting realtime video back, but I imagine that there's some lag, which would make shooting difficult.

What can you tell me?