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Topic: automatic upload to account

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Anne0392 (9 months ago)
if I take a panorama from my phone it goes to device column. will it automatically upload to my account as well if I'm logged in? 

and if I delete it from my device is it also deleted from the account?
wideangle (9 months ago)
No, you need to click "Share" after stitching your panorama and then select "Photosynth."
NateLawrence (9 months ago)
To your second question, for panoramas which you have manually uploaded to, when you delete the copy of the panorama on the device you are only deleting the local copy. 

Deleting the copy on your account would require selecting the panorama from your library and deleting it (either through the mobile app or from the website).

Also note that if you have shared a flat version of your panorama to your camera roll that this is a different file than the interactive cube-map formatted version of the pano that you view in the app or on the website and will need to be deleted separately, if that is what you wish to do.
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