Topic: Hole Filling and Point Clouds

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Photosynth team,

In the 2014 Technical Preview, you seem to be using a two dimensional blurring method to perform hole filling when panning out of a perpendicular angle to a photo + seeing around/past the recovered geometry (also around the outer edges of a photo which has been rotated left or right to present the same vertical orientation through a pan.

Is this indeed the case?

If so, why not use the point cloud as a better basis for hole filling? 
(I am especially thinking of outside the borders of the photo.)

e.g. If I am doing a spin that has a straight path like a sidewalk in it + I am looking at a photo where the path is now at about 45 degrees, the current hole filling seems to take the color of the sidewalk + pull it straight out to the edge of the synth viewer, whereas the point cloud actually understands which direction the path actually continues in, which would make  the color of the path continue along the correct vector outside the photo.